The philosophy behind Dioni care


Taking into account the modern imperatives of our society and the need of vulnerable social groups, we created a place in a green environment in order to ensure the well-being, comfort and safety of our guests, with tenderness and love from qualified and experienced staff


Our name

In Greek mythology Dioni was a deity of the first generation of gods. She was the first wife of Zeus and was worshiped together with Dodoni in the mysteries. The ancients followed their favorite method of producing the female name of that of the husband: (Zeus=Dias=Dioni). Dioni lived in Olympus and Aphrodite was her daughter. Many adjectives have been given to her: "good, gentle, kind-hearted" The pigeon, originally a symbol of the goddess of fertility, becomes the prophetic bird of Dioni and symbolizes purity, tenderness and peaceful living, thus becoming a symbol of our own. The pigeon of Dioni, embraces water, that is life, but living in the security of Dioni's embrace.


Dioni's mission is to take care of the elderly and the sick, a sensitive part of society, with quality, reliability, consistency, sensitivity and above all with respect for people regardless of the physical and mental state. In Elderly Care Dioni, people always come first.

Why are we different

Location, closeness to nature, accountability, respect and the love we give makes Dioni uniquely different.